YSC’s New ONLINE Support Groups


A “support group” means different things to different people. For some, it might represent your most sacred circle of friends. For others, it might generate thoughts of a trauma you have experienced.

I walked into my first YSC support group just two weeks after my breast cancer diagnosis at age 36, and I was terrified. I was more nervous about the support group than I was about meeting with my surgeon to plan my bilateral mastectomy. I never thought I needed a support group…. and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I was lucky. I lived in a place with an established community of YSC young breast cancer survivors. There was infrastructure and scheduled meetings – all the things needed to ensure a safe environment where I could find the support I needed.

That YSC support group changed my life. I met the most amazing, strong, compassionate women I have ever met – and in many ways they saved me as I went through my journey with breast cancer.

Many other young women are not so lucky. We live in a BIG country and while YSC has groups in 128 locations (check out where) nationwide, it is far from everywhere. So what do the young women do when they’re diagnosed with breast cancer in locations where YSC doesn’t exist?

And what about those who are lucky enough to live in a location where YSC exists, but aren’t feeling well enough to travel for the meeting? What if treatment is kicking your butt and you physically can’t make a meeting – isn’t this a time when you need support the most?

YSC has decided to do something about these challenges. Our number one goal is to serve EVERY young woman affected by breast cancer (YWABC) in the U.S. and to accomplish that, we have to do things differently.

I am pleased to announce that YSC is launching online support groups!

Woman in a sofa with laptopWe created this program so that YWABC anywhere in the U.S. have access to support. We invested in this program to ensure that if a young woman affected by breast cancer is not feeling well enough to travel, she can still get the support she needs from the comfort of her home.

So whether you are newly diagnosed or living with metastatic breast cancer, and no matter where you are, YSC is here for you. You can participate via your smart phone, tablet or computer! Three groups are available now and keep an eye out as we continue to expand the program.

Needing support is not a sign of weakness – it is actually a sign of your commitment to your personal pursuit of resiliency, which we at YSC believe is a sign of strength.


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