YSC Takes Florida

It’s been one month since members of the YSC community participated in this year’s Tour de Pink South in Florida, and their fundraising is now rolling to a close. This was YSC’s second South ride, and what a fantastic experience it was!

2017 Tour de Pink South

It was a unique and challenging ride in many ways. We experienced the best of Florida humidity — many experienced riders shared that the century (100-mile ride) on day two was the toughest they’d ever done! Our riders all did their best, and pedaling on through the day. It was so inspiring to see the dedication of Tour de Pink cyclists, many of whom have personally experienced breast cancer, in the face of such a tough challenge.

2017 Tour de Pink South

And then came day three. You might say the humidity hit 100%…because there was a deluge! The rain was pounding, and we learned that parts of our route had been washed out by the storm. So, for the first time ever, we had to cancel the third day of the ride due to weather. In typical YSC fashion, all our riders, volunteers and friends remained upbeat and positive, and we still enjoyed an awesome finale party to celebrate everything they had accomplished. Many of our riders even rode the last 52 miles when they got back home, to complete their journey.

2017 Tour de Pink South

Thank you to all of you who participated as riders, volunteers, donors or came along to provide support during the weekend – because of you, the 2017 South ride was a great success.

2017 Tour de Pink South Recap


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