Why Bike Fit is Important

If you are suffering from any discomfort, aches, pains or numbness, it is likely due to an improper bike fit. Read below for information regarding a bike fit.

What is a Bike Fit?

  • Everyone’s body is different. In additions to our bodies, injuries or personal goals can affect how your bike should be set-up to maximize comfort, efficiency and power.
  • Every touch point on the bike can be changed out, altered or moved to fit yourself better.

What are the goals of a Bike FIt?

  • Enhancing overall rider comfort
  • Preventing injuries
  • Diagnosing saddle discomfort
  • Reducing or eliminating pain and numbness
  • Reducing or eliminating discomfort associated with riding
  • Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency
  • Improving overall performance on the bike

Where Can I Get a Fit?

  • If you buy a new bike, the bike shop will perform a basic fit to analyze the size of bike you will be riding. However, we still recommend a professional bike fit for cyclists who spend a long time in the saddle.
  • If you bought a bike that was not from a bike shop, call your local bike shop to see if they can perform a bike fit on your bike, most can.

How Long will it Take?

  • Usually bike fits will take from 1-3 hours. The bike shop will ask you about your cycling history, current and past injuries as well as goals.

What are the Elements of a Bike Fit?

  • After asking you your personal questions regarding your riding, the bike shop will set your bike on a trainer and then analyze how you ride.
  • See below for adjustments that can be made on your bike:
    • Saddle height
    • Saddle tilt
    • Stem length
    • Saddle position
    • Handlebar width
    • Grip tape diameter
    • Brake level adjustments
    • Crank Length
    • Shoe, insole and cleat adjustments

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