With good intentions, the holiday season bombards us with joy, lights and high expectations to have a splendid time 24/7. It can also ramp up ideas that are based in some sort of demented perfectionism. Maybe this time of year is especially hard when those you love may struggle whereby you do, too. So let’s take a look at this Huffington Post piece and turn it around to work in our favor.

Set realistic expectations

What this can look like:

  • Saying no to social invitations when it feels more of a burden than a pleasure.
  • Have a potluck rather than preparing a whole meal (and get all of your family and guests to bring all of the food). You can provide drinks and place settings.
  • Be okay with changing your mind – even if it is at the last minute.

Try to do too little

What this can look like:

  • Let the dishes wait until the end of the day (you can insert what surfaces for you like laundry, etc.).
  • Skip holiday cards this year.
  • Order your holiday meal from a restaurant or grocery store. If you can swing it being delivered, even better. (PS that can mean a friend picks it up for you).

Loving Your Insides

What this can look like:

  • Daily Affirmations (be inspired by the late Louise Hay).
  • Laughing at the small stuff (like forgetting to call someone back in a time you normally would; chances are they will understand).
  • Nourishment in the form of yoga, massage, meditation, doing nothing (however that shows up for you).

Loving Your Outsides

What this can look like:

  • Nourishment in the form of yoga, massage, reading a book, doing nothing (however that shows up for you).
  • A pajama party for one surrounded by your favorite ___ (book, movie, binge worthy television show, your choice).
  • Rest.

With all of this in mind, seek help if you need it — be it a walk with a furry companion, a coffee date with a friend or considering therapy if you think it might help.

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