YSC Announces State Leader Program

We are 1 YSC.

We are 1 YSC.

It brings me great pleasure to announce the rollout of YSC’s State Leader Program, along with the names of our new State Leaders. This is a big deal!!

The State Leader program will link a regional network of experienced volunteer leaders who are committed to YSC’s mission together for the very first time!

As YSC becomes 1 YSC – State Leaders will act as THE link between YSC’s local and statewide communities (survivors, volunteers, & health care providers) and the YSC Regional Field Manager staff. Their contributions will also include identifying state resources, joining other key leaders on a Regional Leader Council, and contributing to outreach, education and awareness activities throughout their region.

These seasoned volunteers have shown an outstanding commitment to YSC’s mission. Their experience, skills and talents will have a significant impact on helping YSC reach even more young woman diagnosed with breast cancer in their region.

Please join me in congratulating these remarkable women and thanking them for all they do – each and every day – to ensure no young woman affected by breast cancer ever has to feel alone.

Their leadership and dedication to YSC’s mission is worthy of extraordinary recognition – since without committed volunteers like these individuals – we would be unable to support as many young women with breast cancer as we do! THANK YOU!!!

Texas Michigan California New Hampshire
Michelle Piña Amos Maureen Parrish Lissette Averhoff Jennifer Beaudet
Sandy Castillo Ellen Schwerin
Missouri Amanda Nixon Pennsylvania
South Carolina Kristin Ainsworth Rose Kristin Graham Jodi Inverso
Libby Seabrook Brown Angela McCourt Kim Hagerich
Shari Payne Kaple Wisconsin
Laura Kuecker Washington New Jersey
Florida Judy Haley Diana Di Mare
Linda Larkin Wendy Keating Victoria St. Martin
Karen Lawson
Georgia New York
Janice  Weaver Arizona Paulina Kashirsky
Felicia  Mahone Mikala Edwards Kate McGough
Mindy Carpenter
District of Columbia
Erin Price
Devin Boerm
Melissa Richardson
Julie Klaski
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5 Responses to YSC Announces State Leader Program

  1. We are so incredibly lucky and honored to have such incredible volunteers working side by side with us as we extend our reach across the nation is new ways. Thank you State Leaders for your dedication and commitment to YSC and ensuring that no young woman will have to face breast cancer alone.

  2. Beth Carson says:

    Could the PA reps please contact me? I’m trying to get people together in Pennsylvania to join the Million Cancer Survivor March. I am currently battling stage 3a breast cancer. We also need people to speak and we would LOVE to have these ladies! BACarson79@gmail.com or contact Donna @ kaufmandg@lobby4good.com

    Thank you!

  3. anne rossetti says:

    As the mother of one of the volunteers, I have been privileged to meet many of the YSC members. The bond that unites them is not a diagnosis of breast cancer, but a loving spirit that drives them to reach out to others; to care, to help, to love. This is not a young survival coalition, it is a young “thriving and loving in the face of adversity” coalition.

  4. I see you do not have a representative in Nebraska and I would be very interested. I am a Stage 3a HER 2 positive breast cancer survivor and would love to use my advocacy skills where it is needed here. Please contact me and let me know where I can start. Thank you!

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