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Tour de Pink 2013 … It’s Time!

Posted By Jennifer Merschdorf, YSC CEO On March 28, 2013 @ 4:29 pm In Taking my Body Back | No Comments

YSC_Tour_4C(1) [1]For many of us across the country, it feels like spring will never come; as winter drags on, the last thing many of us are thinking about is our bike. Actually — I am not sure if that is true — I have thought about my bike a lot and day dreamed of long rides in the warm sun … but when will spring come?

YSC Tour de Pink [2]® (TdP) changed my life last year. I am not overstating or being dramatic — it really did. Because of cancer I did something that I never would have been able to do before: I rode 200 miles on a bike in three days. I am not saying that it was always pretty or graceful, and those who rode with me know what I mean, but that is not what matters — what matters is I did it.

On the first day of TdP East Coast last year, I rode more miles then I ever had in my life … before the first rest stop. Now I am NOT suggesting that new riders follow my lead; the point is that by the first rest stop I was already in uncharted territory personally! And while I was LITERALLY the last person to arrive at the finish that day — I was so proud of myself that I was delirious with happiness.
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TdP East Coast [3]
TdP West Coast [4]

The people in my life that know me the best supported in me in my training; but I know (because they admitted it) they thought that I would spend a lot of time in the SAG vans and not ride every mile. While I LOVE the SAG vans — the 2012 TdP East Coast was about me finishing every mile under my own power … I made a commitment to do it, and that was final. And I did. My doubters have all admitted that they were surprised. Translation: Anyone can do this if they put their mind to it.

Queen quote [5]So here I am, six months after finishing the biggest athletic accomplishment of my adult life. I have gained weight and not touched my bike in five months. What is up with that?

But April 1st is almost here — the end of early registration for TdP — and I am forced to remember how I felt a year ago [6] … terrified and uncertain. A year ago I could hardly ride on the gym bike on the lowest level for 15 minutes (I had not ridden a bike since I was 10) … a far cry from 200 miles between Philadelphia and D.C.

So my point is: It is time. If you have thought about riding TdP, now is the time to register. If you register by April 1 you get a pair of arm warmers, which is hella cool, and you also put a date in your calendar to works toward.

Even though it is still cold outside for many of us and fall seems like a lifetime away, we all need something to work towards that not only supports a good cause but helps us all to remember to focus on ourselves in our busy life. We all should give ourselves more attention; so join me in riding and doing something for ourselves!

I am riding in both rides again this year. If you want to ride, raise the $2,500 minimum and are looking for a team to join, let me know [7].

TdP East Coast [3] is September 27–29, and West Coast [4] is October 18–20. Sign up and make the commitment that you know you want to make — it’s time!

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