Robert and Nancy Piña


YSC's 15 Volunteers Making a Difference

Robert and Nancy Piña — Parents, Caregivers and Members of YSC Houston Face 2 Face Network

Lisa, Robert & Nancy volunteering with YSC at an event in their community.

Lisa, Robert & Nancy volunteering with YSC at an event in their community.

In 2005, the Piña’s daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33. A close-knit family, Robert and Nancy strategized how they could support Michelle through this challenge. Nancy became the primary caregiver, accompanying Michelle to doctors’ appointments and trying to ask the right questions. She took a leave from work, then early retirement.

As Michelle underwent chemotherapy, she sought resources for young women with breast cancer and found Young Survival Coalition’s (YSC’s) website and Community Boards. By the end of her treatment, Michelle was attending events hosted by the local YSC Houston group.

The annual Houston YSC gala in the fall of 2008 provided Robert and Nancy the opportunity to see firsthand what YSC meant to their daughter. Although they spent most of the night setting up and tearing down, they were grateful to witness young women kicking up their heels and forgetting the day-to-day business of breast cancer.

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Inspired to do more, they attended a local YSC planning meeting and recruited other family members, including Michelle’s sister, Lisa, and both of her grandmothers.

The Piñas wanted to educate other families to be empowered caregivers. Robert and Nancy felt “It was important for parents to learn all they could about what a young woman with breast cancer might experience. Knowledge will make them less fearful and better able to support their daughters.”

Michelle with other young survivors at the Houston ILP (#YSCILP).

Michelle with other young survivors at the Houston ILP (#YSCILP).

As part of their efforts, they spearheaded the distribution of YSC’s Newly Diagnosed Resource Kit (NDRK) in Houston. Over a span of four years, the family helped to assemble and distribute nearly 1,200 NDRK’s, an amazing feat!

Thank you Robert and Nancy for all you and your family have done to educate other families and medical providers in the Houston area!


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