No Way Am I Wearing Those!

Terry Black Flare Skort Padded

Riding a bike from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., or from Thousand Oaks to Foothill Ranch in Southern California? How hard can it be?

I registered for both YSC Tour de Pink three-day East and West Coast rides without owning a bike or any of the bike gear that cyclists so proudly wear, such as those funny, clicky shoes or those ridiculous helmets. The first piece of cycling gear I purchased was …. (drum roll, please) … riding shorts.

As a grown woman flirting with a new sport, I think you have the opportunity to pick and choose what you like about the fashion that sport has to offer … and I don’t like bike shorts. Plain and simple.

After I hit the 10-mile mark on the stationary bike at the gym, I understood the reason for the padded seat … but why do women have to wear such unflattering shorts?
I asked other women what they wear and was directed to a bunch of fun websites that understand my frustration with the sport’s fashion. I was thrilled when I found “skort” bike shorts. The huge bike pad is in the shorts, but the shorts are covered with an a-line skirt. How cool is that?

I’m high maintenance, I admit it … but at least I’ll feel less self-conscious than I would wearing traditional bike shorts!

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  1. Catherine says:

    Great find 🙂 It so helps to go online when you have this sort of problem. People are full of great ideas and alternatives.

  2. Michelle Esser says:

    Love these! I will be getting myself a pair.

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