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Meet the Companies That Support YSC


Katy Perry #WeCanSurvive Concert [1]

Katy Perry #WeCanSurvive Concert

The breast cancer community leads the pack in terms of how best to utilize cause related marketing to help raise money. While there some who sell “pink” products that don’t actually benefit a charity, the majority of cause-related marketing partnerships out there truly help nonprofits.

October is upon us, and as I begin to see a wave of pink on the horizon, I’ve been thinking a lot about these partnerships and how lucky YSC is to have such outstanding companies with whom we partner.

Many people have asked me, “Does this type of marketing really benefit the nonprofit?” The answer is … YES!!!

Oakley [2]


As YSC’s CEO and a young breast cancer survivor myself, I am proud of and stand behind every one of YSC’s cause-related partnerships. These companies are deeply dedicated to helping young women with breast cancer, which they do by helping to spread the message that YSC exists and also by donating money raised from selling products.

In my opinion, transparency is the most important characteristic of a great organization — and YSC is a great organization. If you have questions about YCS’s financials and fundraising, you can find and read through all of our financial documents [3] on our website. If you want to know exactly who YSC’s partners are, please check them out here [4].

As someone who supports and cares about YSC on both a professional and personal level, it is important to me that others feel proud of our amazing and incredible organization. YSC’s for-profit partners are donors to YSC and they have chosen to support YSC because they care about young women with breast cancer.

So, as we prepare ourselves for the sea of pink, if you chose to purchase products from companies that are involved in Breast Cancer Awareness this October — I hope you will choose one of the companies that support YSC [4].