Cycling Can Be Beautiful

As a new rider just at the door of the house we call cycling, I currently only have one cycling outfit.

This is an issue since I’ll be riding for three days in a row for Tour de Pink. Obviously, I need more than one outfit … but what to buy? And why is it so expensive?

During the last six months I’ve been asking all the other female cyclists I meet what they wear. I’ve heard a variety of responses. I’d thought I’d share a few recommendations, for those of you experiencing the same conundrum:

Terry ( has become one of my favorite sites to browse through. It’s a Vermont-based company dedicated to getting more women riding bicycles — comfortably, safely and beautifully. Beautifully is the key word … let’s be honest, bike shorts are a challenge for most women. I purchased my riding “skort” from this company, and I’ve been incredibly happy with it. Thank God, since it’s the only thing I own!

Sheila Moon ( is another very cool website. It’s based in San Francisco, so of course it’s cool (I grew up in the Bay Area)! I have not purchased anything from Sheila Moon yet, although I have my eye on a few skorts I’ve seen on its site.

Team Estrogen ( Besides having a great name, it has a great slogan, “Where style meets the road.” Come on — how cool is that? It has a huge variety of skorts and cute tops I’m looking at. It’s not 100% cycling, so I’m a little cautious about ordering skorts from the site since the chamois pad in the shorts is soooo important.

Bike Jane ( is also a good one to bookmark (says the girl who owns ONE biking outfit). I like its selection and am pleased not to see those awful shorts everywhere.
These are my suggestions — does anyone have any others?

I am going to have to cough up some cash soon and start buying at least two more pairs of skorts and cycling jerseys … and probably another pair of socks!!! That’s all I need and then I’ll be rolling in style … my own style.

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  1. Jon says: – They carry many of the top brands, have a large selection, and great return policy – very high-end stuff. Very stylish and functional

    • Carina says:

      I’m a most happily comfortable rider in
      Assos H FI. Lady_S5 Half Short or almost anything Castelli. In the end (no pun intended) it’s all about the chamois of the short, and for long distance riding comfort is #1 with looks a distant 2nd! I’ll look good at the bar afterwards!

  2. Linda says:

    I am fortunate to have a Pearl Izumi outlet near me. That’s where I get most if my cycling clothes. I don’t think I have paid full retail price on anything.

  3. Catherine says:

    Lulu Lemon is huge for flattering and lasting exercise clothes in Canada. HUGE. And it is quite likely in the USA as well. True, it’s not cheap – but the stuff lasts for ages. When you’re wearing clothes for activities, it’s great to know that what you buy will keep its shape/colour/style well beyond standard expectations.

  4. Tracy says:

    Nashbar is a great website when you are starting out and need a LOT of things and dont have a LOT of money. I like that they will have past season’s shoes and clothes marked down.

  5. Ingrid says:

    I bought one pair of Pearl Izumi short liners for about $60 on sale at EMI Sports. I wash them every night in the sink and they are dry the next morning. The short liners are great – I wear them under gym shorts, running shorts, even a light summer skirt if I’m biking to work. Along with one cycling vest and a pair of gloves from Giant, that’s all I’ve bought for the past month’s rides.

  6. Christopher says:

    PLEASE support your local bike shop! I know the temptation is great to go to the internet and buy “cheaper”. But a website can’t adjust your derailleur, won’t sponsor your club, and will gladly sell you junk as well as quality parts, it’s up to you to know the difference.

    BTW, Performance Bike bought Nashbar and Supergo some time ago. They are all the same company.

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