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Sometimes You Just Have To Meet F2F

When a young woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she may feel completely alone and as though she’s the only woman under 40 to ever receive such terrible news. The unfortunate reality is there are more than a quarter of … Continue reading

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What You See Is What You Get

This spring I met with Cortés Saunders-Storno, Director of Alumni Relations at the University of San Francisco, where I earned my MBA in 2004. I hadn’t been on the campus of Lone Mountain since I graduated. It was a blast … Continue reading

Words of Wisdom

My first week as CEO of YSC, I received an email that I will never forget. It was from one of the co-founders of the organization, Joy Simha. I was only eight months out from diagnosis when I was appointed … Continue reading

It’s All In The Name

My first task in making my fantasy to do a three-day bike ride from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., a reality was to come up with a name for my YSC Tour de Pink team. As some people know, the elephant … Continue reading

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Turning Cancer Into Something Beautiful

As a breast cancer survivor, it’s hard to remember what it felt like to not think about breast cancer … or that being diagnosed at a young age was even possible. That stretch is even harder for me now that … Continue reading

In Living Pink

What does “In Living Pink” really mean? I think that’s a fair question. In a world where pink ribbons rule, what does it mean to “live pink”? I have a unique perspective on this and feel it’s important for me … Continue reading

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Hitting the Five-Mile Mark

The first day I sat on the stationary bike at the gym I thought to myself, “Imagine how cool it would be if I could ride five miles on this thing.” And, I was serious … that would be so … Continue reading

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Speak Up and Make a Difference

What is an “advocate”? This word has a different meaning to everyone. I became familiar with the term at the national Sierra Club, where I worked for many years. I also learned the importance of using your voice and democratic … Continue reading

Dream Big

The only place I still feel young and “normal” is in my dreams. This is the best way I feel I can describe my experience with breast cancer as a young woman. Every morning as I wake up and remember … Continue reading

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But I Don’t Even Like Bikes

I don’t even like bikes. I never learned to respect them and always felt like they didn’t respect me. So why in the world would I decide to ride 200 miles from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. on a bike? Actually, … Continue reading

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