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A Letter to Family & Friends About My Journey – Part I

Letter #1 October 5, 2010 A letter to my family & friends People have said for centuries that if you look hard enough you will see that the world is made up of love, hope, happiness and amazing blessings every day. … Continue reading

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We Are 1 YSC

It is important to remember where you come from — but it should not define who you will be. This is a statement that is easy to write — but much harder to accept when faced with change. YSC conducted an Affiliate … Continue reading

Car Back!

Have you ever driven past a large group of cyclists and wondered about the chaos that must be involved in keeping so many people together while juggling traffic lights, moving cars and hills … all while staying together? I have. … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need To Fall?

So, I have a couple rides under my belt — but that’s nothing to get cocky about. What I don’t have under my belt is my first fall. I’m still struggling with how to shift gears without making that awful … Continue reading

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My Very Own Bike!

Do you ever think about those days when you knew your life changed forever? I’ve had a lot of them since being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36. However, they were completely different from the day I received my … Continue reading

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The 4th Annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game

I was overwhelmed with pride last Wednesday as I watched women from Congress and the Washington Press Corps face off to raise funds and awareness for young women affected by breast cancer in the fourth annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game … Continue reading

No Way Am I Wearing Those!

Riding a bike from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., or from Thousand Oaks to Foothill Ranch in Southern California? How hard can it be? I registered for both YSC Tour de Pink three-day East and West Coast rides without owning a … Continue reading

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What Is ASCO?

There are only a couple cities in the United States that have a building large enough to hold 34,000 people. Chicago is one of them. The American Society of Clinical Oncology, which everyone in the cancer community calls “ASCO,” holds … Continue reading

Sometimes You Just Have To Meet F2F

When a young woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she may feel completely alone and as though she’s the only woman under 40 to ever receive such terrible news. The unfortunate reality is there are more than a quarter of … Continue reading

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What You See Is What You Get

This spring I met with Cortés Saunders-Storno, Director of Alumni Relations at the University of San Francisco, where I earned my MBA in 2004. I hadn’t been on the campus of Lone Mountain since I graduated. It was a blast … Continue reading