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Join YSC at OMG 2013

Being diagnosed with cancer at a young age sucks. There is really no other way to say it: It sucks. Some of us feel suddenly alone and “different” from our friends – and who can blame us? Some of us … Continue reading

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Innovation + Medicine = Change @ TEDMED

If you were to buy a new car today and drive it from New York City to Los Angeles, stopping along the way at dealers to service the car, when you arrived 3,000 miles later, the dealer would know exactly … Continue reading

Tour de Pink 2013 … It’s Time!

For many of us across the country, it feels like spring will never come; as winter drags on, the last thing many of us are thinking about is our bike. Actually — I am not sure if that is true … Continue reading

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C4YW 2013: Sisterhood is Forever

(Update 4.2.13: The “Sisterhood” t-shirt referenced in the second paragraph is now available for purchase in YSC’s online store) There is really no way to describe it to those who have not attended. C4YW is a respite for those who … Continue reading

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Thoughts on World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day (, which I have to be honest, I don’t know if I really get. While I love the idea of dispelling the myths around the disease, I don’t know if we need a special day … Continue reading

YSC Announces State Leader Program

It brings me great pleasure to announce the rollout of YSC’s State Leader Program, along with the names of our new State Leaders. This is a big deal!! The State Leader program will link a regional network of experienced volunteer … Continue reading

Congratulations Stacy and Lori!

YSC turns 15 years old this year!!! We will be celebrating throughout the entire year to recognize the hard work of SO many dedicated volunteers and staff. I feel honored to be able to take part in these acknowledgements, especially … Continue reading

YSC Rocked 2012!

  Wow! What a year! So much happened, yet I feel like the year went by in a flash. There are exciting things coming to YSC in 2013. Before we dive into where we are going, we should celebrate where … Continue reading

Full of Cheer

Isn’t this supposed to be the time of year that’s “full of cheer”? I don’t know about you, but these days I feel like night time comes right after lunch … and then there’s all the Christmas stuff. It’s sort … Continue reading

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Imagine If

Some days the world of breast cancer that we live in seems larger than I can manage. I want to shake my fists when I hear about another diagnosis or scream out loud when we lose another young woman. Will … Continue reading