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A Sneak Peek at October and How To See It All

Posted By Jennifer Merschdorf, YSC CEO On September 26, 2013 @ 3:00 pm In Taking my Body Back,YSC Ignite - Volunteers,YSC SYNC - Survivors | No Comments


There is so much going on this week and throughout October that I want to give you a sneak peak as well as some tips on where and how to keep up with all the exciting events, stories and launches that are coming your way.

I look forward to seeing you all on social media (check out our YSC Social Media cheat sheet [1] below) and in person during the next four–six weeks! Thank you in advance for helping to spread the word that young women can and do get breast cancer!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's We Can Survive [2]Have you heard that Katy Perry is throwing a benefit concert JUST to raise money for YSC? No kidding, this is HUGE!!! The part that excites me the most is the possibility that a young woman with breast cancer who has never heard of YSC and thinks she is alone might find us because of this awareness-raising concert.

The idea that she will  find her community of sisters at YSC — the idea gives me goosebumps! Follow all the concert buzz at #WeCanSurvive on Twitter [3] or Facebook [4].

To show our thanks, I encourage everyone to send Katy Perry and the other artists performing with her a personal THANK YOU. They can all be found on Facebook and below are their Twitter handles.

.@katyperry [5] .@SaraBareilles [6] .@elliegoulding [7] .@teganandsara [8] .@KaceyMusgraves [9]


YSC Tour De Pink (TdP) is HERE!!!

The TdP East Coast 3-day ride for 2013 starts this Friday, September 27th! Please tag YSC in any photos you post from the event with #YSCTdP and on Facebook [10].

Atlanta TdP is this Saturday, September 28th! Please tag YSC in any photos you post from the event with #YSCTdPATL and on Facebook [11].

For those of you riding West Coast, I can’t wait to see you there in a few weeks! Please tag YSC in any photos you post at the event with #YSCTdP and on Facebook [12]. Not riding? You can send words of encouragement to all of the riders and young survivors taking their bodies back from breast cancer with #YSCTdP.

October Press

Have you seen YSC in all of the hottest October mags? Check out the amazing young survivors who are featured!

 Vogue October 2013 [13]  O - The Oprah Magazine October 2013 [14] Allure October 2013 [15] Glamour October 2013 [16] SELF October 2013 [17]

Personal Stories Are Powerful

Are you blogging about your breast cancer experience (or have you in the past)? If so, I encourage you to add a link to your blog to the Blogging Breast Cancer forum [18] on YSC’s Community Boards. By sharing your story, you will reassure other young women they are not alone and let them know there are others out there who “get it.”

YSC Social Media Cheat Sheet

No matter your favorite social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) here is a cheat sheet to keep you connected to everything going on at YSC this month.

“Like” YSC’s national Facebook page [19] to stay up to date on YSC activities around the country!

“Like” your regional YSC Facebook page to ensure you’re up to date on YSC events happening in your area.

Midwest [20] Northeast [21] South [22] West [23]


Follow YSC on Twitter @YSCBuzz [24] and please include YSC in related conversations by using #yscbuzz [25].

Looking for other hastags to follow? Try #bcsm [26], it stands for “breast cancer social media,” or #youngwomen [27].

If you use Instagram [28] follow us @youngsurvivalcoalition [29] to see photos directly from our events. Please mention us by using #youngsurvivalcoalition so the photos you post from events are in our feed and we can share them too!

Check out the cool stuff we have pinned on Pinterest [30].

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